Ian Matthew Voigts
March 7, 2019

Our Branding Process

At Neighbor, we believe in transparency. We wanted to open up and share about our branding process. Branding is one of our key services that we offer, the others being packaging and brand development. When we mention we are in branding, most people ask if we work with cattle. While that would be amazing, we do not work with cattle. For us branding is the beginning of a companies experience. We focus on creating visually engaging brands that allow the customer or client to feel comfortable and wanting to shop or work with them. It is our job to understand where your customers mindset lies and bring them a design that resonates with them.

How We Begin

Every branding project we work begins with a few conversations with you. We identify your goals, we ask a whole bunch of questions and we align on what you will be receiving. The simpler the process, the quicker and more aligned we are. We have you look over our Branding Workbook and answer the questions in the back. Once this is returned and we talk through all the needs, we establish our timelines.

What next?

This is where the creativity begins. We take all your answers and start to formulate what your brand should start to look like and what it should tell to your customers. Our process always begins with sketching.

Neighbor Branding - Our Branding Process

From here we identify several directions to take further. When we say further, we really mean ideate on them further. Dig in and make small tweaks to the design to see what features or elements could be drawn out.

Once we iterate on a few directions, we take the sketches into our design phase, where the sketches become realized and they really start taking shape. This phase is the bulk of the process. It comes with a lot of ideation and testing things out. It involves a lot thinking about how the identity looks within different applications. How does it look on a window front or as a stamp? This is to flush out any inconsistencies so that your design has a solid foundation.

Presentation Time

When we bring your designs to the table, we want you to experience the new visual direction at it’s finest. This is your first look at what you brand is about to be. We want your full attention and feedback, so we come to meet you to show you in person. For us to provide you with the best, we look to you to be honest. While we are the experts in branding, we rely on your instinct to help us finesse our options.

Finishing Up

We love providing you with a brand that is useful to your needs and customers. We create brands where people feel drawn to be a part of something. Let’s collaborate on creating your new brand.