I met Pete at our local coffee shop. He overheard the owner and I talking about the branding. From that first meeting, Pete and I started discussing what could be for Oak Hill Assets. Through a few conversations about messaging, strategy and branding, we saw the need to give more reason to the name Oak Hill. Pete was receptive to being out of his comfort zone in creating a brand that does more work for the business than the previous brand.


  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Brand Development
  • Web Design
  • Business Development

Developing the Brand

A key part of Pete’s story is that when he started the company, the brand’s story was left for later. Leaving those details out from the beginning, creates much more work to have an effective story. For Oak Hill, we took a more abstract approach to the concept of growing a sturdy foundation from something small, the acorn.

For Oak Hill, the need is for everything to make sense, have a place of meaning. For Oak Hill’s clients, it’s a sign of stability, consistency, and long-term growth. What Oak Hill provides is just that, security in knowing that investments will be there for the long run.

Various Logos