Illuminate Ministries, a passionate group of individuals creating places to experience God's presence, believe we are created for personal connection. At The Table, all are welcome to come share a meal and life with one another. Through catering special events, weddings, and corporate events, The Table create custom experiences for each event. With the proceeds from those events, they plan to help underserved youth. At the heart of their ministry is a drive to help others.


  • Brand Development
  • Menu Design
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
All are welcome. It was key in developing a style that held prominence and sophistication, but matched with an attainable, inclusivity. The use of lower case, texture and a softer color palette brings the feelings of warmth. The goal for The Table is to be the place everyone knows as a safe place.
The brand came together under a shared vision to grow with a grassroots approach. Raise the money needed for the next phase through the catering side of the business. The approach with their brand felt right at home, seated around the table, with people caring for each other.

Oak Hill Assets