Hometown Trophy

Sam was needing a new website. Her old site was outdated and difficult for her to updated quickly. We discussed what was needed but it turned out that she needed more than just a website refresh. In learning about her history, she noted that she had chosen her logo from a stock gallery. Naturally, we agreed that the refresh would include branding as well.

The brand needed relay consistency with the values of small town America. We created several options, but ulitmately landed on a very minimal, yet relatable logo. To tie in with her business of trophies and ribbons, we used the simple shape of the ribbon and created a monogram to accompany.

Some additiional elements to build on the brand were created. We were strategic in choosing specific styles that would elude to vintage small town design. Our goal for Hometown Trophy was to provide a new brand and site that built up Sam’s reputation as more than just trophies.

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The overall system for Hometown Trophy pulled together many aspects of small town life to create a connection with their customers. Sam builds relationships with the people, so we created her brand to draw people together.
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