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Finding that perfect setting for a photo can be difficult. The lighting needs to be just right, the subjects should eminate pure joy. For Brie and Daleena, they knew that there was a missing piece for most photographers. Their mission is to provide vintage furniture to photographers who didn’t want the overhead of owning their props.

We began the process for their branding with several discussions about who they were as partners and what their expectations were for who they wanted to be. We brainstormed by using moodboards to set the feel. It was important that they had a brand that relied on vintage aesthetics to further tell their story.

One frustration they expressed was that the brand was young. They were getting started but didn’t have anything to visually show who they were. We worked with them to establish a specific direction that would provide them the visual credibility needed.

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The design system is meant for simplicity. We kept the style and visual elements minimal for ease of replication, while adding some more unique touch to other one off pieces. With all projects, we aim to meet the clients wants with their needs. As this project wrapped, we found that the system worked hard for their business.

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