Tyler reached out to me for some help. He had a dseigner, who he’d been working with to design a new identity for his company. With the iterations that had been present, nothing represented his brand quite in the right way. In the initial discussions, he mentioned that the previous versions had missed the sophistication and boldness he was going for.

A few directions emerged as I sketched out some ideas. And they developed even more as I took them on screen. To hit this sophistication he was looking for, I new that he needed a strong wordmark to anchor the brand on. From that, there needed to be a slight hint of playfulness and boldness, but I wanted that to come in through illustration and smaller details.

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Out of all the exploration, a clear winner emerged and Tyler was on board. We refined the direction and created a distinctly positive, bold and slight audacious brand for Tyler to live out.

Part of the extension for Optimist included an initial business card direction. We wanted to keep the design simple, while holding it’ strength as a brand. Tyler has created a company that continually is pushing to be transparent and human. He can help you with your content marketing, if you’ll only say yes. Visit his site at

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