#Slowlife. Of course, this is a popular mentality, especially as our society comes to a grinding halt. What used to be the hippy lifestyle has become a more prominent cultural aspect in all workplaces. It has even become the mantra of large startups, yet surface level at best.

We have long held this way of thinking about all we do, client onboarding, growth and the output of our work. Slow is a word that means much more than pace. When we use slow as a tool in our process and interaction with clients, we create room for both parties to love the outcomes.

We see a future that comes from imagination. The future stands on practices that put people first: slow growth, imagination, positive and encouraging language, and doing good. Below we summarize these as we develop a deeper approach.

Slow Growth

For Neighbor, slow growth has always been at the beginning of every thought and action. When posed with decisions that affect the growth of the company, we approach that with patience and thoughtfulness. When the time is right, we act. If it is not and would push us into territory that would hamper our work, we steer in a different direction.

We expect to see in our clients a large amount of thought and patience put into their own business and efforts. We see the future of business taking a slower approach to their own growth. Again, we look at a few startups that have grown for growths sake. Their culture, the employees, the product is all put aside for the growth of the company. That method is a flawed measure of success.

Imagination In All Areas Of Life

There is healing power in art. It is also our belief that everyone has the potential to bring out their own creativity. As children, we relied on our imaginations to create our own world around us. Somewhere along the way, many of us lost the connection we had to our imaginations.

Tapping into each of our imaginations, client and agency, creates the world that we want to have around us. Through that, our businesses become more than the bottom line. They are brimming with creativity and bring hope to life.

Positive & Encouraging Language

The language we use is important. Telling the truth is a tricky task when we use language to obscure our intentions. The ways companies speak means more today than it ever has. Truth and honesty in a brands message is vital to connecting with the right people. The generation coming up is even more creative than our own. Adapt to the new ways of speaking or get left behind.

We also believe the days of comparing a brand to its competitors is long gone. The Pepsi Challenge represents a mine is better than yours mentality. We see a shift in using language to be a positive force for your business. Exalt others, using your influence to build up those around you. Competition will always be around. It's how a company acts towards others that draws people in.

Doing Good But Not For Profit

Every company has created an ad that is overlaid with calming music, claiming they are her for you. Those are facades that hide the egotistical statements of how much money the company has donated. Or the good they have done.

Businesses have already seen the value in doing good. Yet, it has become the standard to talk about it in a self-obsessed way. The future we see is one where businesses do good is a part of the culture, but not for the bottom line. We see companies making it the standard to give ‘til it hurts.